Lucille’s Oyster Dive Truck

As a fan of the restaurant it hurts me to say I am not so impressed with the truck. It really hurts. We were visiting the Monkland street fest and saw that a few trucks were staking claim on the street during the event and one of our first stops was the Lucille’s truck since we’ve been frequenting their brick and mortar for the past few weeks.

We ordered a lobster roll, because, well, that made perfect sense and it came highly recommended. For one, the service was terrible. The lady took our order and money and we stood waiting with about 4 other customers for about 5 minutes. That’s when I realized there was no one in the truck making food!

I understand it was a busy day/night, but a little communication goes a long way. Anyhow, a few minutes later our “chef” steps into the truck and makes our sandwiches. Now, I am not a greedy person, but this had to be one of the thinness most boring lobster rolls I have ever experienced.

Thin bread, very little lobster (minute really), no seasoning, no… oomph!

So far, my impression of Montreal street food is not very good. :(

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