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We have longed to get a reservation at Liverpool House for months, the main problem being that our schedule changes constantly and because of this, we’ve had to cancel a few times. Our best bet for any plans, including dinner, is last-minute. Tonight, we finally got everything sorted out and scooped up a last-minute 6PM reservation.

We arrived for our reservation a few minutes early and we were asked to come back in a few minutes; they open at 6PM sharp. It would have been nice had we been invited to sit at the bar for the couple of minutes, but the area is interesting enough that we could kill a few just peeking into a few windows. I don’t know if I would have taken it as nicely on a winter day, or if it had been raining, as it was, it was a beautiful evening.

Once 6PM hit, we walked back in and we were directed to a chalkboard full of appetizers and mains. A majority of the tables don’t face this board, so as tables arrived, the muddle of people in front of the chalkboard grew. It was kind of nice though, any questions asked about the menu were answered for all of us to hear.

We finally calmed down and claimed our seating which proved a little challenging as the tables and chairs are tightly compressed and we are not a petite couple. Our waiter came over and served us some water and we ordered our drinks: mine was the basil smash (a gin-basil mojito), the BF decided to go big and got the Kentucky cider (lot’s o alcohol). Our drinks arrived quite quickly and were gone twice as fast!

While waiting for our waiter to come back for our order, I had finally managed to whittle my choices down to the roasted bone marrow with abalone for my appetizer, and the calf liver with smoked meat for my main. My BF was stuck on a “celebration of pork” evening and focused in on the roue de tracteur with squid and pork belly to start and the porchetta with peach glaze as his main.

We waited a while. The waiter was hustling from table to table. We waited long enough that we got to the point where we were noticing all the little details that a lot of restaurants nit pick about. The table was wobbly, the napkins are actually dish cloths, there is a canoe above our head… etc. We discussed how these details might amplify anything negative about the food, so it’s kind of risky… so aloof about the details in the “dining hall” means that everything about your experience is directly tied to the food.

After about 10 minutes the waiter arrived and took our order. From that point, everything about our meal was superbly timed. Within 10 minutes the bone marrow dish had arrived, and with its arrival, with the first bite, the restaurant transformed. The rogue details I had picked out earlier, evolved and this became one of the most romantic restaurants I had ever been in. You know, the lights dimmed down, the table was undulating, the canoe, the napkin, it was all beautiful and wonderful. Love.

When the roue de tracteur came out, silently, we ate, together, apart, making small conversation and sharing just tiny bits and pieces of our delectable apps. We were so absorbed in the textures and flavours of our dinner, I would have been totally amused eating all by myself.

Our waiter returned, cleared our cleaned plates and within minutes, our mains arrived. The porchetta was interesting with the grilled sweet peaches, and a few nuts sprinkled in. I would never have ordered this dish, it is too sweet for me, but as sweet things go, it was good.

My dish. The calf liver. Hmm. I am not even sure where to start. I order liver when I am out because I can’t make it at home. Not only is liver not enjoyed by my BF, there is the issue with onions, which my BF is allergic to and having liver without onions is like Superman w/o Lois Lane. So, I order liver when I am out.

The calf liver came piled high with garnish. There were pickles and crispy fried onion, smoked meat, and smear of mustard, all served on a portion of creamy mashed potatoes. The liver itself was crispy on the outside and sumptuously spongy on the inside. I really enjoyed this contrast of texture, the crispy outside was salty, with a hint of rosemary.

Sadly, we didn’t have room for dessert. Next time, I would possibly order 2 appetizers and one main to share, have room for dessert and partake in a bottle of wine.

I can honestly attest that this was one of the nicest evenings I have had in a while. We can’t wait to return!

Liverpool House
2501 rue Notre-Dame Ouest
(514) 313-6049

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