Confusion Tapas du Monde

Confusion Tapas du Monde

I chose Confusion Tapas du Monde for a special dinner with friends for several reasons. For one, I had been here a few times, and the food has never disappointed me. I have always found that the service was very unintrusive which easily allows for uninterrupted conversation. I also love the decor, it is casual and kind of sexy, intimate, yet laid back.

I was treating some friends to dinner here during Montreal’s restaurant week, TASTEMTL. The original plan was that two of us would get the TasteMTL menu and the other two would order some of the main items that we really wanted to try. Unfortunately, they have a policy that everyone at the table has to order the special menu. I was disappointed, but hey, what can you do!

We opted for the “Le Totale” which offers a great variety of their specialty menu items including the venison osso bucco (very good) and the general Tao sweetbreads (table favourite) for $60 per person. The boys ordered beer and my GF and I stayed sober with Eska water spiked with lime wedges.

The “Le Totale” is part of a special menu designed for a table with four people and several courses (aside from the soup) come out together on a single cutting board platter to be shared. This serving style is great for the most part and should be expected in a tapas restaurant, but a few times it was a little bit awkward. We’re all very good friends, we’ve had kids, so we aren’t averse to getting our hands into the food, but some people may want to be aware of this.

The pacing of the meal was really well done, there was no moment in our 2-1/2 hrs where we didn’t have something to eat in front of us. Soup, flaming cheese, fish, meat, a cheese plate and dessert! There was plenty of water on the table to keep our glasses full and beers were promptly refilled once emptied. Overall, we all really enjoyed our time at Confusion and my friends were quite impressed!

Confusion Tapas du Monde
1635 Rue St-Denis
(514) 288-2225

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