Café Via Dante

Enclosed proscuitto cutting machine

Enclosed proscuitto cutting machine

What an awesome little spot! A waiter who wasn’t harsh to look at, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable with a superb “can-do” attitude. That’s the way I like to start every meal!

We started with a wonderful appetizer of Prosciutto San Daniele, cut with their very impressive prosciutto cutting machine, housed in a little glass room at the front of the restaurant. These are thin slices of pure salt-cured heaven.

I also ordered the roasted portobello mushroom which was a rather small plate with one single mushroom. That one mushroom was delicious, but I don’t think I would order this again, there are too many other tempting delights on the ever-changing seasonal and daily menu.

As a main I had a pasta (thicker than a spaghetti but not a flat or hollow pasta; the name eludes me) with roasted squid and other sea creatures. It was absolutely fantastic! I didn’t even want to share a bite of this meal! The tomato sauce was reminiscent of a rosé; rich and creamy, but this was no rosé sauce, I don’t even think there was cream in it!

Overall, this was a great experience and I am positive that I’ll be visiting this restaurant again really soon!

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