Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

Bonsai tree separating the bar area from the main dining area at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

I’ve been meaning to sample sushi and other Japanese delicacies at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill for some time now and finally, on this first trip to Vegas in the new year, I was able to find a night to head there as guests at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

We had reservations for 7PM on a Thursday and when we arrived the sushi bar was empty, we decided to forgo our seats in the dining room as I prefer sitting at the sushi bar. I just love to sit and watch the sushi masters work their magic. After a short wait, our waitress came over, handed us a menu and served us bottled water.

The restaurant decor is very “woodsy” with dark wooden sculptures of waves (or leaves?) running down the walls. A large chefs table sits just inside the restaurant on the far side of the bar. Moving past this table, opens to the restaurants main dining room. I found, like with many of the restaurants on this floor at the Cosmo, that the ambiance and the noise are at odds with each other. While the look of the restaurant is romantic but trendy, the noise level, even when the restaurant is empty is loud, almost obnoxiously so!

After sometime our waitress returned and we ordered a Samurai beer (the name eludes me right now) and the Kanpachi Usuzukuri (Amberjack w/yuzu pepper) as well as the irresistable Beef Marrow. Both appetizers were spectacular. I found the usuzukuri to be far superior to the one we had at the Nobu in the Hard Rock and the beef marrow was perfectly seasoned with little challah toasts that held the marrow without becoming soggy. My only issue with the bone marrow is I wished that they had a proper spoon for it. They served the marrow with a tablespoon and which was much too large and made it difficult to extract the yummy goodness, but that’s what fingers are made for, right?

We ordered several sushi nigiri and maki, including a the Blue Ribbon roll, the kani sunomomo, enoki & hamachi and of course, some uni (because I can’t resist uni). I have to say, apart from the uni, I wasn’t very impressed. The rolls were unevenly filled, giving the impression that someone new to maki-making was preparing our meal. For the price of the rolls, these should have been prefect!

Overall, I enjoyed the appetizers, in fact, had we stopped at that, my impression of Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill would have been completely positive. Instead, because the sushi fell flat, I left feeling a little cheated. Though I wouldn’t revisit this restaurant for sushi, I would most definitely return for some of their appetizers. As well, their late-night menu is interesting and has received great reviews, and so, I would keep that in mind on my next visit.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill
3708 Las Vegas Blvd South (in The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino)
(702) 698-7000

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